YWCA Boulder Highlights Hispanic Heritage Month

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YWCA Boulder Highlights Hispanic Heritage Month

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Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the cultural and historical contributions of Americans tracing their roots to Spain, Mexico, Central America, South American and the Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean.  The month begins on September 15, coinciding with several important anniversaries of independence in Latin American countries, and continues until October 15.

Here in Boulder County, Latinx people have helped to shape our history and continue to play a vital role in the health and vibrancy of our community, despite facing longstanding discrimination.  YWCA Boulder County works to address this economic, social, and educational inequality.  Through our Latina Achievement Support (LAS) program, we support Latinx high school students to overcome systemic barriers to success, bridge the opportunity gap, and reach their personal goals.

To learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month, check out these resources:

Hispanic Heritage Month is Confusing, and That’s OK (YouTube video)

Boulder County Latino History Project’s website uses oral histories, photos, videos, and interactive maps to tell the rich history of Latinx people in Boulder County.  The project works to ensure the crucial contributions of Latinx residents to the area’s social, religious, cultural, economic, and civic life are remembered and celebrated.

Boulder Bookstore has an extensive recommendation list of books about the Latinx experience, for adults and for kids.  From September 15-October 15, Boulder Bookstore will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these books to the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition.

Boulder Public Library has also created a list of titles for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Please donate today to support LAS and YWCA Boulder County’s other programs.