More than a Donation

YWCA Boulder County is on a mission to empower women and eliminate racism.

Thank you for supporting YWCA Boulder County! Your gift supports more than 6,000 individuals in Boulder County each year. If you’d like to donate by mail, please send your check, payable to YWCA Boulder County, to: 2222 14th Street, Boulder CO 80302. Questions about donations may be directed to: Brittny Wilson, 303-443-0419 x 114.

Your Gift Makes Our Work Possible!

  • $25 can provide a hot, nutritious meal for 10 children
  • $50 can provide 1 week of tutoring for a high school girl
  • $100 can provide 8 books for inclusive activities in elementary schools
  • $250 can provide 2 full days of child care for a family in need

To donate, please visit: