Wellness Program at Persimmon Early Learning

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At Persimmon Early Learning (formerly Children’s Alley), we want to provide your children with well-rounded care. In 2017, we implemented a wellness program designed to increase physical activity and nutrition education. We have been working alongside local farms, Boulder County Public Health, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to achieve this goal. We have outsourced instructors to teach yoga and other classes like music, and dance. Our Wellness Coordinator, Tori Anderson, teaches all the nutrition classes as well as most of the physical activity classes. If you wish to contact her for more information, you can email her at tori@ywcaboulder.org or call Persimmon Early Learning at 303-449-1951 x110.

Teacher and Student smiling at Children's Alley

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Our Partners

“The classes are great. I like to learn about vegetables and making smoothies. It convinced me to eat my vegetables because it helps me grow. I also like doing yoga with Ms. Tori and Ms. Stacey. This should be at other schools!”
Anonymous Preschooler
“I am so thankful for the program and love how it integrates nutrition, movement, and yoga into my daughter’s preschool days. She has learned so much and demonstrates her learning by playing games at home, helping prepare healthy foods, and using breathing exercises and yoga to relax. The teachers and curriculum have set a strong foundation, positively shaping who my daughter is and who she will become in the future. She is off to a great start! Thank you!”
Anonymous Parent
"The YWCA is the biggest support for my son and my self. My son enjoys every minute that he spends there and the care that he receives is so close to the care that a mother can provide. He comes back home every day with clear ideas about healthy diet. He loves nutrition class. Thank you YWCA!!"
Alejandra R.