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The YWCA is searching for new board members for the 2018-2019 year!

The YWCA Boulder County is a dynamic non-profit serving women and families in Boulder County with programs designed to empower women and families to self-sufficiency and eliminate racism in our schools and communities.

The YWCA has a Board of active volunteers that is on a mission to help the organization double its impact over the next several years. We will have openings for up to 6 new Board members in our next board year starting September 2018 to help us accomplish that goal as several existing members come up on their term limits.  

Our objective to double the impact of the YWCA over the next several years has several important focus areas.  Three that our current Board consider critical are:

• Women’s Empowerment

• Ending Racism

• Development Strategies

We will be looking for candidates who have a background that can help us with any or all of these specific goals, above. In addition, we are striving to broaden the diversity of our Board with candidates of color or diverse backgrounds, and for people who represent areas outside of downtown Boulder in our county. Our current bylaws have us look for women to fill the Board.



New Board Member Time Commitment

Typical board members make an initial 2-year commitment, followed by a subsequent 3 year term.  Board meetings take place once a month, and the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Every board member also serves on at least one sub-committee which has its own schedule of monthly meetings and event/program functions.



Board Member Financial Commitment

Part of the duties of a Board member is to help grow the organization’s financial sustainability.  We do ask for a yearly financial contribution to the organization of $700 plus an additional $700 stretch gift if it is feasible for board members. In addition, each board member helps to raise funds by participating in various events and/or helping make introductions to individuals or organizations that might be interested in supporting the YWCA Boulder County. 

The YWCA Boulder County Board is interested in leadership talent as much as financial resources. Board dues scholarships are available on a select basis for those who don’t have the resources to make the full contribution.  

Interested in serving? We’d love to have you!  Please give us some additional information that we can use in our nomination process to build a great 2018-2019 Board by either completing this form or fill out the questions in this document and email your responses to Read the full job description here.

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