Latina Achievement Support

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LAS logoLatina Achievement Support, or LAS, is a culturally responsive mentoring program that supports local Latina high school students in overcoming systemic barriers to success and bridging the opportunity gap. The program encourages students to reach their academic and personal goals, pursue post-secondary education and opportunities and explore different career paths.

Our LAS Advocates are bilingual Latina college students and adults who provide guidance and create weekly programming to help the members of LAS have a space to grow, learn and support one another. For the last three years, the LAS program participants, most of whom are from households with low income, have had a 100% graduation rate for seniors, with 98% pursuing post-secondary education.

“I honestly can’t think of where I would be now without the support that I’ve received. From both my mentors, the LAS program and my peers in the program. It would be really hard to imagine myself in a different place.”
Jenny Ornelas, Member of LAS

Now Hiring LAS Advocates for the 2021-2022 School Year!

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Latina Achievement Support participants share their experiences