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YWCA Boulder County Advocacy

Get Involved and Advocate for Women, Girls and People of Color

At YWCA Boulder County, we advocate for women and girls by educating and developing relationships with policy makers, community leaders and community members. We work to create legislative, policy and systems change to break down barriers for the advancement and economic sustainability of self-identifying women, girls, and people of color.

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Thank You!

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Saturday, July 9, was an incredible day.  It was so inspiring to see so many of you come out to join us at the Women’s Freedom March to fight for the rights of pregnant people and women everywhere. Your passion is contagious and energizing as we move into the next phase of this critical fight.


Our Vote. Our Power.  Reproductive Rights March and Demonstration

Saturday, October 8 at 9:00am
Boulder County Courthouse
1200 Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder

We join together in solidarity in Boulder County and across the country on October 8 to demonstrate and march for our shared beliefs in the reproductive and fundamental rights for us all.  We will raise our collective voices, mobilize and take action to demonstrate our power at the voting polls.   Learn More

A strong coalition of local organizations and individual activists are hosting the event including YWCA Boulder County, Women’s Collaborative of Boulder CountyLeague of Women VotersWomen’s March, and community volunteers.  We won’t go back. Not now. Not ever.

Take your stand and register today:

Every single one of us must continue to advocate for the rights of women and pregnant people everywhere! What is your plan to take action?

Learn How You Can Take Action


National Bills to Watch

Visit the YWCA USA Advocacy Agenda page to learn more about our current priorities for Congress.

Colorado Bills to Watch

Bill NumberBill NameCurrent UpdateRacial JusticeEconomic Adv.Health and Safety
HB22-1006Child Care Center Property Tax ExemptionPassed and signed by governorXX
HB22-1010Early Childhood Educator Income Tax CreditPassed and signed by governorXX
HB-1055Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene ProductsPassed and signed by governorXXX
HB22-1169Prohibit Sexual Act Without ConsentPassed and signed by governorXXX
HB22-1279Reproductive Health Equity ActPassed and signed by governorXXX
HB22-1289Health Benefits for CO Children and Pregnant PersonsPassed and signed by governorXXX
SB22-207Prevention of Title IX Misconduct in Public SchoolsPassed and signed by governorXX


Interested in how YOU can TAKE ACTION and make positive change in our community? Here are some ideas:

Your Local Representatives

You can email all seven board members (and also the superintendent and the board secretary) by emailing

Or you can email them individually at:


Kathy Gebhardt, Board of Education President, District C, Term Expires: 2023

Lisa Sweeney-Miran, Board of Education Vice President, District A, Term Expires: 2023

Nicole Rajpal, Board of Education Treasurer, District B, Term Expires: 2025

Stacey Zis, Board of Education Member, District D, Term Expires: 2023

Beth Niznik, Board of Education Member, District E, Term Expires: 2025

Kitty Sargent, Board of Education Treasurer, District F, Term Expires: 2025

Richard Garcia, Board of Education Member, District G, Term Expires: 2023
BVSD Board of Education website:

SVVSD Board of Education Contact Form:

Joie Siegrist, Board of Education President, District A, Term Expires: 2023

Karen Ragland, Board of Education Vice President and Assistant Secretary, District B, Term Expires: 2025

Jim Berthold, Board of Education Secretary, District C, Term Expires: 2023

Richard Martyr, Board of Education Treasurer, District E, Term Expires: 2023

Meosha Brooks, Board of Education Member, District D, Term Expires: 2025

Chico Garcia, Board of Education Member, District G, Term Expires: 2023

Sarah Hurianek, Board of Education Member, District F, Term Expires: 2025

Boulder County Commissioners
Contact Form

Commissioner Claire Levy – District 1
Term Ends: 2025

Commissioner Marta Loachamin – District 2
Term Ends: 2025

Commissioner Matt Jones – District 3
Term Ends: 2022

Find My Legislator

State Senator Tammy Story – Senate District 16

State Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis – Senate District 17

State Senator Stephen Fenberg – Senate District 18 and Majority Leader

Representative Edie Hooton – House District 10

Representative Karen McCormick – House District 11

Representative Tracey Bernett – House District 12

Representative Judy Amabile – House District 13

Representative Matt Gray – House District 33

Senator John Hickenlooper

Senator Michael Bennet

Congressman Joe Neguse, Congressional District 2

Congressman Ken Buck, Congressional District 4