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YWCA is on a MissionSocial action and advocacy are the cornerstones of YWCA. We conduct local advocacy efforts with the help of YWCA Board Members’ Advocacy Committee and other organizations to advance racial justice and women’s empowerment. Our goal is to ensure that Boulder County is a safer, more equitable and welcoming place for all women, families and anyone who experiences discrimination.  We advocate for policy and legislation that positively impacts racial justice and the economic advancement, health and safety of women and girls.  We work to amplify unheard and underrepresented voices and mobilize people to create meaningful and lasting change in Boulder County and beyond.
YWCA Boulder County is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
YWCA Boulder County Mission Statement

YWCA USA Public Policy Priorities

End Racial Profiling and Criminalization of People of Color

We must eliminate policies and practices, like racial profiling, that criminalize people of color and other marginalized communities.

Support Girls of Color Who Are Trauma Survivors

Girls of color who have experienced trauma must have improved access to community resources for trauma survivors, including in the education and juvenile justice systems.

Support the United Nation’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Goals

We will work together with our global sisterhood of YWCAs to end all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere, and ensure women and girls’ full and effective leadership participation at all levels of political, economic, and public life.

Improve Women’s Economic Security by Expanding Access to Sick, Safe, and Family Leave

Women should never have to choose between their job and their health or loved ones. Every worker deserves job-protected safe leave, and paid sick and family leave.

Remove Childcare and Housing Barriers to Women’s Workplace Participation

Improving access to quality affordable childcare and housing helps promote successful workplace participation for women, especially women of color.

Promote Federal Legislation to Support Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

We will strengthen federal legislation that supports survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of gender-based violence.

Improve Maternal Health Outcomes for Women of Color

We must address racial health disparities by reducing maternal mortality rates and improving maternal health outcomes for women of color.

Ensure Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care for Women and Girls

The healthcare infrastructure currently provided by the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare, state health insurance programs, and reproductive health service providers must remain strong and viable in order to support women and families.

Advocacy Contacts

You can email all seven board members (and also the superintendent and the board secretary) by emailing bvs.board@bvsd.org.

Or you can email them individually at:

Tina Marquis, Board of Education President, District B, Term Expires: 2021


Lisa Sweeney-Miran, Board of Education Member, District A, Term Expires: 2023

Stacey Zis, Board of Education Member, District D, Term Expires: 2023

Donna Miers, Board of Education Member, District E, Term Expires: 2021

Kitty Sargent, Board of Education Treasurer, District F, Term Expires: 2021

Representative Edie Hooton – House District 10 (and Democratic Caucus Chair)

Representative Jonathan Singer – House District 11

Representative Sonya Jacquez Lewis – House District 12

Representative KC Becker – House District 13 (and Speaker of the House)

Representative Matt Gray – House District 33