Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can become involved in YWCA Boulder County:

Donate: Give generously! Help YWCA undercut costs of events by connecting us with a corporate sponsor, attend one of our annual fundraisers and encourage friends to join you, instead of receiving gifts at a party - ask friends and family to make a donation to YWCA in your honor, donate an old vehicle through the list goes on! Gifts are happily accepted online, by mail at 2222 14th Street, Boulder, CO 80302, or by phone by calling 303-443-0419. To give to YWCA USA, visit their website directly.

Become a Member of YWCA Boulder County: Join our movement supporting women, children, and families in Boulder County.  By making a $50 gift, you will stand with other people in our community to eliminate racism and empower women. 

Employment Opportunities: Come to work at YWCA and spend your days furthering our mission of empower women and eliminating racism.

Events: Stay up to date with our calendar of fundraisers, lectures classes, and more, by visiting our events calendar.

Meet Here: Looking for a place to gather? YWCA rents conference rooms, offices, and our computer lab for groups in need of a meeting place. Bringing companies and groups to YWCA not only supports our programming through rental fees but introduces unfamiliar community members with our services.

Spread the Word: Introduce friends and family to our cause, host a dinner party at your home, become a Table Captain at our fall fundraiser the Empower Luncheon, serve as a supporter testimonial and let YWCA use your reasons for giving in marketing campaigns.

Volunteer: Whether it is through programs like our childcare center or just answering the phones, YWCA has a volunteer opportunity for everyone! Contact the front desk of YWCA Boulder County at 303-443-0419 or for more information. For information regarding our Reading to End Racism program, contact directly.

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August 21-December 4, 2017
Oct21, Nov4, Nov7, or Nov17...
August 21-December 4, 2017
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